Hummus (V) (VG) (A)

Chickpea puree with sesame oil, tahini, garlic and lemon juice. Served with pitta bread


Cacik (Tzatziki) (V)

Finely chopped cucumber, fresh mint and hint of garlic in a creamy yoghurt sauce. Served with pitta bread


Yaprak Sarma (V) (VG) (A)

Stuffed vine leaves filled with rice, herbs and pine nuts


Mixed Olives (V)

Marinated with herbs


Chargrilled Aubergines & Peppers (VG)

Fresh tomato, onion and garlic, srved with pitta bread


Tomato Bruschetta (V)

Freshly chopped tomatoes, onions marinated in olive oil with fresh herbs and garlic on toasted ciabatta bread. Add parmesan for extra £1.00


Babaganush (A)

Smoked aubergine puree with olive oil, garlic, yoghurt and tahini


Crab Salad (A)

Topped with rocket, served with ciabatta crostini



Soup Of The Day

Ask host for the daily soup


Pan Fried Prawns

Prawn, butter, chilli, parsley and garlic. Served with ciabatta bread


Hellim (Halloumi Cheese) (V)

Grilled Cypriot cheese served with mix leaves salad


Sigara Borek (V)

Filo pastry filled with feta cheese, mozarella cheese, parsely and served with sweet chilli sauce


Grilled Sucuk

Traditional Turkish sausage


Lamb's Liver

Sauteed lamb liver with butter, herbs and red onion. Served with pitta bread


Falafel (V) (VG) (A)

Fried chickpeas, parsley, onion, garlic and celery served with hummus and salad


Zuccini Patties (V)

Crispy courgette fritters served with sour cream and dill dip


Baked Aubergine, Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella Stack (V) (GF)

Served with green pesto and balsamic reduction


Smoked Salmon (GF)

Served on homemade potato rosti with soured cream, spring onion, parsley and dill dip



Mixed Cold Meze (V) (Minimum 2 people)

HUMMUS: Chickpeas with sesame oil, garlic and lemon juice. KISIR: A classic Eastern Anatolian salad, made with bulgur wheat, onions and tomato sauce drizzled. TZATZIKI: Yoghurt with finely chopped cucumber, mint, olive oil and garlic. CHARGRILLED AUBERGINES & PEPPERS: With fresh tomato, onion garlic. YAPRAK SARMA: Stuffed vine leaves filled with rice, herbs and pine nuts

£10.95 PP

Seafood Sharing Board (Minimum two people)

Mediterranean king prawns with Marie Rose sauce, smoked salmon, homemade marinated fresh tuna and smoked mackerel served with winter leaves, marinated olives, zesty homemade tartar sauce and warm flat bread.

£10.95 PP


Chargrilled Chicken Salad

Crispy mixed fresh leaves with crumbled goat’s cheese, onions, tomato, cucumber topped with slices of chargrilled free range chicken breast and lemon dressing. Served with warm flat bread


Warm Steak Salad (GF)

Marinated minute grilled steak with wilted courgettes, spring onions, tomato, cucumber, carrots and peppers mixed with winter leaves and fresh mint served with fresh lime & soya sauce dressing. Add a little bit of chilli to keep you warm!!


Fresh Tuna Nicoise Salad (GF) (N)

Chargrilled fresh tuna steak on french beans, cucumber, fresh tomatoes, olives, peppers, new potatoes, lettuce, red onions and boiled egg with wholegrain mustard vinaigrette


Mediterranean Salad (V)

Crispy mixed fresh leaves wirh halloumi cheese, onions, tomato, cucumber topped with slices of avocado, pomegranate, olive oil dressing and served with warm ciabatta bread



Penne Pasta

Chicken and mushroom cooked in creamy white wine sauce topped with parmesan and parsely


Prawn Linguine

Pan fried prawns with asparagus, white wine, parmesan, parsley, chilli and garlic


Spaghetti Norma (V)

Sauteed aubergines with fresh tomatoes, garlic, touch of chilli and torn fresh basil topped with feta cheese


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Lamb Shish

Marinated chunks of lamb grilled on charcoal. Served with rice, salad and tortilla wrap


Chicken Shish

Marinated chunks of chicken breast, grilled on charcoal. Served with rice, salad and tortilla wrap


Lamb Chops (GF)

Chargrilled and served with rice and salad


Mixed Platter for Two

Marinated cubes of lamb, chicken, lamb chops grilled on charcoal. Served with rice, salad and tortilla wrap


Sirloin Steak 8oz

Served to your liking with chunky chips, grill tomato and served with peppercorn sauce


Rib Eye Steak 8oz

21 days aged locally reared, served to your liking with chunky chips, grill tomato and served with peppercorn


Okka Burger (N) (A)

10oz Woburn Country beef burger topped with fried onions, fresh tomato, gherkins, served on ciabatta bread with chunky chips, homemade red cabbage salad and aioli. Add bacon or cheese £1.40


Vegetarian Moussaka (V)

Layers of potato, aubergine, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, courgettes, peppers with bechamel sauce topped with cheese, served with salad


Imam Bayildi (V) (VG)

Aubergines stuffed with onions and peppers, garlic and tomato, served with salad and rice


Lamb Tava

Small chopped cubes of lamb marinated with chef’s special sauce, finely chopped onions, red peppers, green peppers, small ripple chopped tomato with olive oil served with rice. Ask for chopped hot chilli if you like it hot!


Lamb Shanks

Served with creamy mashed potato, roasted pepper, tomatoes and tomato sauce


Mama's Anatolian Kofte

Oven baked in terracotta pots, koftes made with beef mince, onions, parsley, cooked in tomato based sauce with sauteed potatoes, peppers and olive oil served with fresh ciabatta bread


Half Chargrilled Free Range Chicken (GF)

Boned and marinated with fresh parsley, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and touch of chilli served with grilled seasonal vegetables in balsamic glaze and spicy



Homemade risotto of the day


Whole Sea Bass (A) (GF)

Marinated and stuffed with parsley, fresh tomato, garlic, olive oil and lemon, chargrilled and served with warm new potatoes


King Prawns

Pan Fried king prawns with butter, fresh tomato, parsley, garlic, lemon and spicy herbs in tomato sauce, served with ciabatta bread


Homemade Fishcake (GF)

Seasonal white fish and salmon fish cakes pan fried and served with wilted spinach, chunky chips and aioli


Pan Fried Salmon Fillet (GF)

Served with mash potato with hollandaise sauce and asparagus



Tomato & Rocket Salad (V) (GF)

With shallots drizzled with balsamic vinegar and lemon dressing


Mixed Leaf Salad (V) (GF)

Dessed with olive oil, lemon dressing and olives


Chunky Chips (GF)


Shepherd's Salad (V)

Finely chopped fresh tomato, cucumber, red onion and fresh parsely with olive oil and balsamic reduction


Grilled Vegetables (V) (GF)

With balsamic vinegar dressing